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Custom Case . Valkyrie

Updated: Jul 8

The above photo was the most recent build on my custom case design called the Valkyrie. It was used as a showpiece for CES 2024 at the EKWB suite in Las Vegas. This is by far my most proud and accomplished design work from scratch as I had just barely learned how to use the modeling and CAD software to make it all happen.

The concept behind the Valkyrie was to create a compact size ATX chassis that could hold just a single big 480mm radiator to cool even the highest end parts on a single loop like a 14900K and an RTX 4090. It has been tested under heavy long gaming sessions (2-4 hours straight at a time with 4K ultra settings games like the Resident Evil Remakes) and productivity workloads such as video editing and rendering where CPU and GPU would stay under 80°C and 63°C on average, respectively. Some may argue that a single 480mm radiator isn't enough for these two monster core processing components, but I can confidently say even on top of my benchmarks and thermal tests that most applications don't use the CPU and GPU on full blast at the same time. This means whatever the user is doing, the GPU or CPU would each have access to the 480mm radiator alone for cooling in a real world scenario.

I don't have a video for the exact build shown above, but the last video I did is linked below as it mainly covers my design process when finalizing the case in early to mid 2023. Now in 2024, the only change I've made to it would be the GPU mounting arm.

Down below are the specs of the build with some affiliate links as I do get a small earned commission which really helps keep my business running.

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