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Phanteks NV5

Updated: Jul 8

The Phanteks NV5 is hands down one of the most best cases I've ever worked on. There are three points in my book that I want to highlight.

  1. Style is great. Now from my perspective, what makes it great is all in the details behind the glass, the internals, because on the outside, simply put... it's still a boxy dual glass panel case like many others on the market. What makes it slightly different is the angled and lifted bottom panel which is also accentuated by the front glass panel. Very good use of the PSU shroud by incorporating accent RGB lights and leaving enough room on the front for a full 120mm hardware such as a fan or pump/res combo unit like my build above.

  2. Value. At $99 USD, given the build quality, structure, fitment options, this is very hard to beat. The NV5 is a mid-tower and designed most likely with AIO liquid cooling in mind primarily, but the mounting clearances also give several options for custom water cooling hardware.

  3. Phantek's built-in RGB system is quite easy to work with as they've done a good job making everything daisy-chainable. Everything about this case is very easy to work with and personally I did not see any areas that they had cut corners for what is considered an entry level budget case.

My full build video can be found down below on YouTube.

Down below are the specs of the build with some affiliate links as I do get a small earned commission which really helps keep my business running.

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