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Monster Studio A45

Updated: Jun 26

The A45 is an open-air ITX case by a small custom designer brand called Monster Studio. I've had the opportunity to extensively review and build with the units they sent me for content creation purposes. If you are interested in a build like this, the buying process for A45 units are on a "group buy" basis so they will only produce a limited batch per run and announce the drops when available. I have two videos dedicated to the A45 up on YouTube which I will link in the following.

Something I had noticed after my reviews were done is that the A45 should've had tapped holes at the base plate for screw in rubber feet. I ended up using four adhesive rubber pads on each corner to prevent any abrasive contact with table surfaces. I have given them this feedback so hopefully they can implement that in the next batch of production units.

Down below are the list of specs for each of the builds I did with some affiliate links as I do get a small earned commission which really helps keep my business running.

Air-cooled A45

AIO Liquid Cooled A45

Custom Water-cooled A45


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