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InWin Dubili - Champagne Gold

The InWin Dubili was notably one of the fancier cases I've worked with and comes in silver or champagne gold color. There's a lot of room inside to work with and you can fit pretty much any sort of hardware you can think of. The case was clearly designed for custom water cooling and even in my review I stated that using the Dubili for air-cooling or AIO would just be underutilizing it and also look a bit awkward since there's so much empty room inside.

However, I do also think there were a couple things InWin missed the mark on for this. Dubili also comes with a couple accessory trays for holding hardware that were in my opinion unnecessary which also adds to the cost. And even when used as cable shields on the motherboard tray, it doesn't really do a good job at it either, mostly from an aesthetic standpoint.

The second part was the lack of a PSU shroud which at first did not really give a negative impression on me personally, and I'll explain why in a bit, but others who watched my review were a bit detoured from it. So the reason why I didn't mind it not having a PSU shroud is because for me being a water cooling enthusiast, I already know what I was going to do with that space and how to make it look good. Whereas for someone who may not be as creative or may struggle on cable management and style, they might have a harder time with stylizing that whole bottom compartment of the case. So going back to my statement early, the Dubili is very much geared towards water cooling enthusiasts or someone who has a decent skill at modifications because you can easily design or 3D print a PSU shroud, or even easier, vinyl wrap a nice design across the bottom tempered glass. But then again, a PSU shroud isn't something the user needs to go out of their way and create on their own.

I have two videos made on this case, a general review and then a timelapse build.

Down below are the specs of the build with some affiliate links as I do get a small earned commission which really helps keep my business running.

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