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Batman PC - Jonsbo Mod5

Updated: Jul 8

This was a project in collaboration with JONSBO with their MOD5 ATX open air case. I wanted to build a Dark Knight themed PC and instead of using a conventional boxy case, I used a lot of the tech and props seen in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight movies as inspiration for picking the MOD5 as the default shape was pretty much spot on.

In terms of modifications, I had laser cut the "WAYNE ENTERPRISES" lettering out of aluminum and superglued it to the bottom front panel. The front panel of the case by default was tempered glass and I replaced it with a custom cut metal panel with the bat logo on it. Throughout all the Batman adaptations and differences from comics to shows, the Bat logo does change, and the client I ended up building this for wanted the logo from Batman's Final suit rather than Nolan's DK series.

Full build video can be found here, the Dark Knight gaming PC.

Down below are the specs of the build with some affiliate links as I do get a small earned commission which really helps keep my business running.

Parts List

EVGA RTX 3080 Ti FTW3 - (Discontinued)


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