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PC Modifications

Modifying and customizing premade hardware


Changing the color of hardware through spray painting, powder coating, or vinyl wrapping are ways to make your system look unique and stand out from the barebones factory color.

Example: Walnut accent vinyl wrap on the PSU shroud of the Fractal Design North XL case.


Panels and accents

Sometimes you want to add a bit more extra to change the shape on parts of your system to really stand out. I also offer custom cut panels or accent pieces to add into the build. Example materials: acrylic, wood, brass and steel.

Example: Custom cut brass piece with my brand logo in the middle, polished to shine on the back of the PSU mount of the Yuel Beast Motif Mobius ITX case.


Graphics in a way are subcategories of panels, accents and coloring. They could be pictures through painting and vinyl wrapping or laser cut text and logos out of various materials to be applied onto your hardware.

Example: Batman themed PC build for a client with the "WAYNE ENTERPRISES" lettering laser cut out of aluminum and attached to the Jonsbo MOD5 PC case.

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