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PC Builds and Assembly

Assembly service for three types of cooling systems, no modifications, no extras.

Air cooling

Air cooling your PC is going to be the simplest and convenient form, no hassle, minimal maintenance and most affordable.

Example: Monster Studio A45 open-air build with a Noctua NH-U12A CPU cooler. NVIDIA RTX 4080 Super is kept in its original air cooler.


All-in-one liquid cooling

All-in-one liquid cooling (AIO) is generally referring to a closed loop prebuilt cooler designed for CPUs. Some GPUs may also come premade with AIO coolers attached. This is the middle ground between air cooling and custom water cooling where you get the benefits of water cooling without the hassle and responsibilities of maintaining and cleaning your system.

Example: Phanteks NV5 with a Glacier One 360mm AIO liquid CPU cooler and an ASUS RTX 4080 Strix kept in its original shroud.

Custom water cooling

Premium custom water cooling will typically give the best temperatures from your system and also look like an art piece on your desk. The hardware used will typically be higher cost than air and AIO cooling systems and will require maintenance once every year to be optimal, frequency of maintenance is also depended on the type of coolant used. Recommended for users who want the best of form and function.

Example: InWin Dubili case with a full custom water cooling single loop flowing through the CPU and GPU together.

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