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Q: What regions do you serve?

A: Currently only in the US.

Q: Where are you based out of?

A: Ontario, California, USA

Q: What's the turn around time for PC builds?

A: Depends on the availability of parts. Once I have all the parts on hand, fastest was less than a week, longest was a couple months.

Q: Do you provide customer service?

A: Yes, but limited. If you decide to contract me for any build services, you can always message me questions regarding the project and I can try to walk you through it.

Q: Can I reuse some hardware from my old PC with a new build?

A: Yes, you'll just have to ship me the parts you plan on reusing.

Q: Should I buy the hardware first and ship it to you?

A: If you want, but typically I recommend making the purchases myself and invoicing the client after because sometimes we may get faulty units and doing returns/RMA is a hassle if client is a middle man. It's much easier for me to do exchanges on my own.

Q: Do you always make content out of client builds?

A: Most of the time I do, it depends on the project. If it's a build that very similar to a past project, then no. I only make videos and content out of builds that are new or if I have a very interesting idea with it. I will always discuss this with the client to make sure they are okay with it.

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