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Case Designing

Full custom PC cases from ground zero

Design from scratch

Designing full PC cases from ground zero via 3D parametric modeling and bringing it to life to the final stages of fabrication. Tell me what you have in mind, and I'll show you what I can make!

Example: My own PC case design called Valkyrie in draft. A compact ATX open-air case holding a single 480mm radiator that could cool an Intel 14th gen and an RTX 4090 in a single loop.

3D Model Valkyrie.jpg

Materials and process

My design process is primarily based off of sheet metal fabrication which includes laser cutting, bending, and engraving. Typically I design the cases out of raw steel as that's usually the most affordable and durable material in balance for this application. Clients may also request different materials as well in discussion, it is after all a fully custom design to fit specifically what you want!

Example: My own design of a compact reversible and adjustable ATX case cut from steel called Morph.

Surface finish

Typically the surface is treated with powder coating as my preferred process of coloring.

Example: Workstation build for a client with silver and royal blue to give a nice contrast .



Partial hardware is another way of creating custom modifications or accent accessory pieces as described in the "PC Modifications" page.

Example: These radiator vanity guards were made for a 480mm radiator on the Valkyrie to hide cables and give a cleaner look from the side. Full build picture shown in the following section below.

Final assembly

Put it all together and ready for delivery!

Example: Final build of the Valkyrie case for CES 2024 in Las Vegas at the EKWB show booth.

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