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Marketing and Branding

If you're looking for marketing content via social media or just photos and videos for your team to use, this is it.


Product Photography

$149 for 5 shots per item

Polished photos with a variety of angles and backgrounds and/or based on client's specifications.

Base price is $149. Rate may also vary based on project requests.

Short-form Videos

Starting $199 per video

60 seconds or less for applications such as social media reels or integrated ads.

Base price is $199. Cost may be higher depending on requests. Some videos will require more effort.


Long-form Videos

Starting $499 per video

Unbiased reviews landing in the range of 5-15 minutes or timelapse cinematics. Videos are filmed in 4K.

Base price is $499. The cost may be higher depending on the complexity of the video and overall duration.

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